The Hubbard Glacier part of the cruise was a beautiful day out at sea. The ship began sailing toward the glacier on a surprisingly warm and clear Wednesday morning in May.

The sheer vastness of the Hubbard Glacier was astounding. To know this glacier is the result of mountain runoff freezing and thawing before the next winter is just mind-boggling!


I know what you’re thinking, “How close can you actually get?” The answer – very close.  After traversing through  chunks of ice like in the picture below, we finally made it up close to Hubbard Glacier.

Glacier Pieces

Glacier Pieces

After a few hours we finally arrived at the glacier. We were close enough to see natural changes occur called ice calving. Ice calving happens when chunks of ice breaks off at the edge of glacier and crashes into the water. The rest of the day involved a polar bear plunge into the cold, saltwater of Yakutat Bay on board the Celebrity Century . Enjoy the  Calving pictures below!Glaciershot upclose icecalving2 Icecalving