I was lucky to get my hands on a pair of tickets to the 2012 NCAA Final Four in New Orleans, Louisiana. I felt like I died and gone to heaven when I received the phone call asking if I was interested. Well, yeah… of course I am interested! Jake, the hubs, was on deployment at the time and my fingers were crossed he would make it back it in time and  lucky for us –  he did!

I bet you asked yourself  “how can this amazing situation be made better?” Well, I will tell you! I have been a Kentucky Wildcats fan since I was a child, so watching my favorite college basketball team win a national championship was one the most thrilling sport experiences I have ever witnessed.

National Champions

New Orleans is a beautiful French inspired city with a vibrant culture and tasty southern food. A must-have while in New Orleans are fried beignets covered in powdered sugar. Cafe Du Monde has the best beignets in town and they are available 24 hours a day.


An episode of Swamp People can prepare your tummy for an afternoon snack. Be sure to stop by the Old French Market and grab some alligator meat.

Gator on a Stick