Our arrival to Germany coincided with the 179th Oktoberfest  in Munich. Saturday morning began with a fantastic German breakfast at the ACHAT Hotel in Schwetzingen, Germany. Immediately after, we all piled into our tiny rental to make the three-hour journey to Munich to enjoy some of the best beer in the world! After arriving in Munich, we parked at the local ACHAT Hotel and took a trolley to the fairgrounds to start exploring the beer.

Our first stop was at the Weinzelt tent. Although this tent is known for its wine and champagne, it also has some very tasty Paulaner Weissbier!

Eliza, Lauri, Jennifer, Jake and Paulaner beer

Oktoberfest was like nothing I had ever seen. There were so many people packed into one space! Since our trip to Europe was planned last-minute, we didn’t have the chance to make reservations for a tent. Normally, reservations are made a year in advance to get seats in the larger spaces. Rain started to come down and we knew it was necessary to get into a tent. Eliza, being a go-getter, simply walked up and sweet talked the guard to let us all in! It wasn’t just any ole’ tent – it was the Schottenhamel Tent. The Schottenhamel Tent is where opening day is held for all of Oktoberfest. The mayor of Munich taps the keg to signal the opening of Oktoberfest.

Remember when I said it was packed? On a full day, the tent holds up to 10,000 people!

Schottenhamel Tent

Schottenhamel Tent

Finding a seat in this monster would prove to be just as easy as getting in. Once again, Eliza walked right up to a table of young German gentleman and simply asked if we could join them. The rest is history!

Munich - Oktoberfest

Munich – Oktoberfest